NCNA Tuition Financing Options

Northern California Nursing Academy offers convenient, flexible and affordable methods in paying for your education. We help students arrange the best possible payment option that will help you attain your goals.

1.Private Educational Loans


- You may borrow the full amount of the program 

- Submit an application without impacting your credit score

- Loan terms may be up to 60 months

- ALL students are welcome to apply

- Non-US Citizens are welcome to apply:

 U.S. Permanent Residents – as a solo borrower, as a cosigner or as a borrower with a qualified cosigner.

 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) status – as a solo borrower or as a borrower with a qualified cosigner.

 U.S. Temporary Residents – as a borrower with a qualified cosigner only.


- You may borrow the full amount of the program, which includes the initial payment

- Criteria is based on merit, which includes school performance and/or military service

- Upload your transcript from your most recent education (high school, some college, associates, others)

- It is encouraged to include a co-borrower on your application

- Payment terms may be up to 10 years

2. Income Share Agreement


- Income-based financing program

- Not a loan

- Payments are based on your income when you are already working a- Initial payment is required and a monthly payment of $100/month during the program

For more information:

3. Installment Payments

- This is a direct payment to Northern California Nursing Academy

- Term of payment will vary depending on your initial payment

- No interest

- You may elect to have a higher initial payment in order to reduce the monthly payments

4. Scholarship Funds

Northern California Nursing Academy offers Tuition Scholarships to eligible students based on need and academic standing. Please request and complete a Scholarship Application form.

*applicable to Medical Assisting w/ Ekg and Venipuncture, Hemodialysis Tech and In-Person Pharma Tech programs

5. Tuition reimbursements

If you are an aspiring CNA, there are a number of companies who are offering reimbursement of your program costs. 

Home Instead San Francisco provides a 50% tuition reimbursement, (estimated value of $700) for CNA students after successfully obtaining their certificate. To qualify for tuition  reimbursement candidates shall commit to employment with Home Instead to provide non-medical, one-on-one home care to the senior population in San Francisco. Scholarship candidates enjoy competitive pay, flexible work schedules and ongoing hands-on training in the field of Geriatric care.

Pacific Heights Transitional Care offers 100% tuition reimbursement for CNA students after 6 months of full time employment. Pacific Heights Transitional Care is a top-tier nursing home facility, providing rehabilitation services. It is the goal of the facility to create a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic environment to help our patients gain independence and return home.

6. WIA Title I-B Funds

Northern California Nursing Academy is a California Eligible Training Provider. Our programs are eligible to receive WIA Title I-B funds. Go to and click schedule your appointment with a Career Advisor.

For more information on financing your education, please call us at (650) 992-6262 or (650) 296-5448 and look for Ms. Ana Becker or email us at [email protected].